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Experienced in product design and a strong foundation in Art Direction. Whether I create interfaces or merchandise my multidisciplinary and user centric approach to design and research is a fundamental part of my practices.

Currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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Since 2013 I’ve worked at the crossroads of transmedia technology and culture, creating next-level experiences for agencies such as MSCHF, Monogrid, and brand as LVMH, GQ and WIRED.

I co-founded Clusterduck in 2016, a research and design collective specializing in internet culture, and Nefula in 2013, the first Italian studio of near future design. Over the years I’ve spoken at a number of international art and design conferences including Ars Elettronica 2020, WIRED Next Fest 2015 and Frontier of Interaction 2013.

I’m ready to make a difference in an innovative team that places the user experience at the forefront of its mission.

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